There are two ways to get superior optimization for your content on the web.  Rich snippets and microdata.   See the video above for the definition of rich snippets.

Microdata is used by search engines to properly identify content on a web page.  With microdata your content has optimal search potential on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.   All media uploaded to V-TIP will include the data entered in step 2 of upload process as microdata.   This includes playlist name and description, name of the media file and type of file (video, picture or music).   In addition, for music, if you enter artist name and album name that will be included as well.

But for those users who need to add more information regarding their projects, V-TIP provides a powerful tool that allows the user to add custom microdata as needed.

Users wishing to learn more about what data they can enter, should visit before starting.

Once you visit schema and know which properties you need, you can then begin working on V-TIP.  For example, users who have a web series will want to make sure the _type is set correctly.  For our example above we are uploading a web series that is an episodic so we use the type “Episode” in the creative work properties.  This tells the search engine that the playlist you uploaded is an episode of a series.


Using V-TIP’s metadata tool, you can then add the appropriate fields one would expect for an episode of a series, they may include (but not be limited to):



episode number


part of season

part of series

production company

trailer (if appropriate)

You will find many other possible properties as well for creative work you can use at  Add all that are right for you, fill in the appropriate information and then hit save.   Now search engines will display the correct microdata for your episodic series.  How bout that!!

For more information on microdata take a look at this website.