At V-TIP.COM we’re constantly adding new features.  Our newest function will allow members to create rss feeds.

RSS feeds have been around since the early days of the internet.  Without going into too much detail, an rss feed is code written in XML format.  The purpose of this code is to act as a “news aggregator”.

It is used by websites to update or publish to other programs, websites or apps new content being added to the originating website.

For example a weather website would use a feed to update weather apps and programs on changes to the weather on an hour to hour or day to day basis.

A news website like CNN uses rss feeds regularly to update app or website on breaking news through out the days.

The efficiency of using an rss feed allows one feed to service multiple sources.

For instance, if you are a podcaster or have podcast that you would like to share it on V-TIP.COM and the rss feed is publicly available, you can create a stream audio playlist which will stream the podcast on our website.