Preferences are very simple. They allow members to adjust features and functions in their account to their liking.

Find the preferences for each section by clicking the two arrows at the top right corner of the web page (see below).

Sidewall button
Sidewall button



A sidewall will open displaying various options.   Click on the tab that looks like wrench. Some preferences will already be met. Those are called default settings.

A switch is white it is off. When a switch is green it is on.

When a feature or function is not active the switch is considered off. When active it is considered on.

In most cases the current setting will be listed below the switch.

In this section we will discuss the various Preferences in each and every part of V-TIP.COM.


Dashboard Preferences

This page allows members to choose which widgets and portlets are displayed on the dashboard.


Dashboard Preferences
Dashboard Preferences


By default, upload, friends and media portlets are displayed (circled in black).

By default the weather and google map widgets (circled in red) are shown.

To remove the portlets or activate others, click the preferences switch or hit the ‘x’ across from the title.

To remove a widget, click the x across from the title.


Share Preferences


Share section is broken into the four types of sharable media, video, pictures, audio and documents (we cover in the “advanced section”).

As discussed in the media tutorial, there are two parts to media. The container section and then the media section.

The containers are playlists or albums (for pictures). The media section has the actual files assigned to the container.


Playlist/Album Containers Preferences


There is only one preference setting for all media types.


Playlist/Album Share
Playlist/Album Share

Click the switch to change the default view.

Once a custom setting is made, the switch will turn on, the view will change.  Notice the new setting is indicated below.


List view for playlists
List view for video playlist


For media, the settings are a little different.

Click on the playlist or album to view the media files associated with that album.

For videos you can adjust the order you wish to play the album by clicking the Sort by Playlist switch.


video media page
Media view for video



The pictures section has the same function as the sort by playlist order.

The “Allow Open In Window” when turned on allows users to view each picture in a separate tab or browser window outside the control of the picture viewer.   In this situation users are able to download your pictures.



Like pictures and video you can sort via playlist.

As discussed in the media section, you can upload media directly to v-tip and you can stream audio or music from outside sources.

By default, for stream audio, the Royal player is used.

In the preferences section, you can choose which player you wish – Royal player which is very functional or Clarity player which features cover art prominently.

Note: if you do not see these options it probably means you are looking at a stream audio playlist.

Finally, repeat artist and album will auto populate the artist and album fields entered during upload. This is helpful if the playlist is from a single artist and a single album.


Account Setting


Login Settings allows members to change their login location at first sign in. When off the default location is the dashboard.

By default, for security reasons, users are auto logged off after 5 seconds. This is ideal when using V-TIP in a public computer. When turned off Inactive Timer will not log users out automatically. When turned on, users can choose between 5 minutes and 30 minutes.

Account Settings Preferences
Account Settings Preferences


Upload Preferences

When the Notify When Encoding Is Complete switch is on, members will receive an email when transcoding has completed.

If members are online, they will see a pop up appear in the upper right corner of the web page.

Note: an email will be sent only if Notification Alerts are switched on.


 Mail /Messages Preferences

The Inbox Preferences has a single switch Email Alerts.  Turn this switch on to receive an email when new mail is added to the inbox.

Members can set the frequency of these emails (not all settings may be available at this time).

Notifications Preferences, has a single switch Notification Alerts.  When this switch is on, the member will receive an email when offline.


Friends List Preferences

There are three switches and two buttons (circled) here.   Buttons work differently then switches.

With switches you can turn on and off a function.  Buttons allow you to create and edit new functions and features.

Friends List Preferences
Friends List Preferences


By default all friend requests expire after a set period of time (see friends list FAQ for more details).  With Request Settings members have two choices.

They can change when new friend requests are removed by selecting the All New Request will be deleted in function and change the time frame.

Or choose to automatically Add New Friend Requests in one of three relationships.

Hide Don’t Know and Show Only Don’t Know is helpful to members that have many friends on their friends list.

Groups allow members to organize friends the way they want.   Adding a friend to a group does not change the relationship (see more about Groups in the Relationships section of our FAQ).

Create Group opens a pop up screen where users are able to create the name and description for the group.

Edit Group users are able to edit or delete a group.