V-TIP.COM allows users to stream audio from such services as soundcloud and officialFM using the royal audio player only  In order to do this,the url to the stream must be entered properly.  If you were able to create the playlist, it means the url is formatted correctly, but there may still be errors.   Consider the following:


  1. Is the url correct?  For soundcloud the url is NOT the embed code!  It is the url to the web page with the player.  You can find this by looking to the address bar or clicking the “share” button on the soundcloud album.  Copy and paste the entire url (https://…..).  Do not leave anything out.   For official.fm it is the url to the webpage.  Do NOT use the url found in the share button.  In addition, you MUST leave out the word “playlist”.  And as of this writing, you can only add official.fm playlists.    So the url for this stream: http://www.official.fm/playlists/s4cR would be: http://official.fm/s4cR.
  2. Streams who’s urls are not secure (they have http://)  cannot play unless you disable SSL on the page.  This is true of official.fm. For firefox, look to the url and find the symbol that looks like a shield to the left of the url.  That tells you the url is being blocked.  Click the shield and disable ssl protection.  Under any other situation this is NOT advisable.  The url should like as indicated below.



We hope official begins using ssl in their code.  This post will be updated as needed.   For more information see how to create an audio playlist.


UPDATE:  Official.fm website appears to have shutdown.

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