Removing a podcast

Removing a podcast from Apple podcast should be handled in your Apple Podcast account.

This is particularly useful if you plan to move your podcast to another service.

You can either click delete podcast or you can enter the new feed url and refresh the feed.

Check Apple podcast faq for more details on this.

In either case this will remove it from iTunes store, but not from V-TIP.


Hiding a podcast

This can also be done in your podcast account by clicking HIDE PODCAST.

In addition, you can also mark your playlist on V-TIP.COM something other than public (private, member’s only or hidden).

iTunes will not be able to read the podcast feed in this case.


Deleting a podcast

To delete a podcast from V-TIP simply click the rss feed switch and hit delete.

This will delete the rss feed.

However, you will not lose your setting if you choose to create the feed once again.


You should know that any changes made to playlist will happen instantly on V-TIP.COM, but may take 24 hours to take effect on itunes server.