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In this tutorial we learn about the profile page.  The profile page is each member’s visible presence on V-TIP.COM.   The profile page can be used in some of the following ways:


  • To hold a conversation between a friend or friends
  • To share media containers between friends regardless of the relationship status
  • To share documents
  • To share maps
  • To share You Tube videos
  • Follow memebers
  • Follow conversations
  • Learn more about members by viewing their “About Me” page
  • See what activities the member has performed by viewing their “favorites” page (still in development).

Members can chat in real time with other members by viewing the conversation page for any post.  Replies on this page will be posted as soon as they are made.

As V-TIP grows new tools will help members customize their profile pages to their liking.

Enjoy the video.  And please add a reply below for comments or suggestions.