With V-TIP.COM you can share video, music and pictures. But did you know you can also share word, excel, text and pdf documents?  Unlike many websites, V-TIP. COM will accept most commonly used text formats and convert it for easy distribution.  This is ideal if you are using V-TIP.COM for your feature or web series or for your business.  Share letters, documents, scripts, production reports call sheets or budgets in the most commonly used web format, PDF!

Here’s how.  Prepare your document, then log in to V-TIP and go to Upload, then Media.

If this is a new document, click on create a new playlist/album.

In this example we will upload a pdf of a script document. Type in the name of the album. The name of the album could be the name of the document, but it also could be the subject of the document in case you plan to upload and add other documents to it.

In our case, since we may add other sample scripts to this playlist, we will call it “Sample Script”.


Click next and select Document from the list of supported media types.

Enter all required field and click next.



Click Add Files or drag and drop the file (in our case pdf) directly into the page. Change the view type if you wish and make sure to agree to the required agreements.

Click Start to begin upload.




When upload is complete you can add a background image to the page or embed the document into your profile page (for advanced users you can add custom microdata).

Click done when complete.



That’s it!!  Now share your document as  you would any playlist or album on V-TIP.