First you need to record your podcast episode.

Then, sign up  here: to create an account.

Next, on your mobile or desktop device, upload your audio files to V-TIP.COM to create an audio playlist.

View our FAQ on how to do that.

Note: stream playlists will not work for this purpose.

Also note: there is no need to upload cover art at this stage.  It can be done during the rss feed creation stage.

Getting Started

Once that is done, perform the following functions.

  • Go to Share – Music/Audio Playlists
Playlist management page for audio


  • On the audio PLAYLIST MANAGEMENT page click on the playlist you want to create the feed
  • In the MEDIA MANAGEMENT page, you will find the new episode you created.


Creating your feed

  • In the upper right corner click on the tab to open options section and go to PREFERENCES


Media management page for audio


  • Click the switch “Create RSS for podcast”
  • Fill out all the necessary fields and hit save.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Even if you already uploaded cover art, you need go back to the PLAYLIST VIEW page click the ADD button and then upload the cover art for this podcast.  Note: the cover art must meet the required standards for Apple Podcast.  If it does not your podcast will fail validation.  You feed must also be marked PUBLIC .  We will not display the podcast url until you have uploaded cover art that meets the requirements and your playlist is marked public.
  • Finally, change the podcast category and sub category as needed and hit SAVE.

Testing and then submitting your show to Apple

  • The podcast URL has been generated. You can check your work using apple’s podcast connect website here:
  • Once the url is created, go to, login with your apple id and password and begin the process of creating a podcast.
  • When asked for the url of your podcast, simply place the one you created at V-TIP.COM.
  • Hit validate to check the feed information.
  • If you need to change something, go back to V-TIP.COM, make the changes and hit save.
  • Click to validate the feed once again and you should see the changes updated.


Apple podcast submission page


  • Hit submit and it’s now up to Apple to approve your submission.