New episodes uploaded to the playlist will automatically populate to the podcast feed.

The artwork will be the same cover art as the playlist, the episode # will advance the next episode # (so if the last episode was 1, the next will be 2).

Season# will not change when you upload a new episode.

If you wish to change the season go to the MEDIA MANAGEMENT page for that playlist and change the season number to the appropriate episode and hit save.

Episode # will reset back to 1 and all episodes after will be added to that season until changed.

Also note:  new content will be marked as full episodes and not explicit.    You will need to change this as appropriate.

Uploads to newly added content should appear almost immediately, but iTunes server does not guarantee this.

In fact, new episodes may not update for 24 hours on the itunes store (although if you use the itunes on phone, tablet or computer it can take one hour).