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Relationships are the very essence of V-TIP’s. V-TIP.COM is a community or a club.  Members are expected to help and support other members.  In this tutorial we go over types or relationships, when to choose certain types relationships and how to use groups.

First, lets go over the four types of relationships. Listed from lowest permission to highest permission, relationships allow you to control whom you wish to share your files with.  Remember the receiver creates the relationship.


  1. Fans. These are members you do not know in person and have never met. If you have received a friend request from a stranger who has seen your public profile or your public content and you would like to know more about them, we suggest using this type of relationship.


  1. Contacts. These are members who you may know outside of V-TIP or have gotten to know while on the site. A “contact” can be a business relationship. This is someone you would like to communicate with regarding work related opportunities. If you are an actor, writer, musician or producer and want to collaborate with other artists on the site regarding your new creative endeavors we suggest this type of relationship. We also suggest you use this type or relationship for those members that have friend potential.


  1. Friends. These are members you know in real life, outside of V-TIP or someone with whom you spend a lot of time getting to know on the website. If you receive a friend request from a member with whom you are well acquainted, we suggest adding them to this relationship type.   A friend is someone you trust.


  1. Best Friends. These members have the highest  permission levels.  They can see all of your private shareable media, they can interact with your profile even when set to private.   You should know a best friend in real life and have had a long term personal relationship with him or her. They can be family, friends you have known for years and trust implicitly. They should also be discrete.      So, you may love your mother, but are you sure you want her to see all your private stuff?  I didn’t think so.  Best friends are very special and very rare.  Take caution when assigning a best friend.


Enjoy the video.  And please add a reply below for comments or suggestions.